Photo Day!


Today was photo day! Woo Hoo! We were all so excited! We  had our class photos taken by  a special photographer who came to the school.

We were so ready! Our hair was gelled, straightened, sprayed, braided and brushed! ( Well it was like that when we got to school anyway!)

Tyanu and Callan told us that they even had a special haircut!

Before we got to leave the classroom we had to get into lines from smallest to tallest!! Easy? No! Some of us think we are actually a lot taller than we are! 😉

When we got to the under cover area  the photographer introduced herself to us and started to organise us into position.

She told some of us to walk to the bench. No one moved….then when she called us again, the middle part of the line took off. She then told us that the  top button of our shirts should be open. Most of us managed this!

We got to sit on chairs and sit near trucks and Ella-Rose and Scarlet got to hold wheelbarrows! Some of us even got to stand on a chair which we thought very exciting! Some of us were told to place our hands together. That was easy. But she didn’t tell us to keep them like that. So by the time she got behind the camera…….some of our  hands were everywhere!

The back row had to stand still. How tiring was that!

Eventually we were ready…no hang on ……someone had wiggled out of position…there we go…No wait…someone is not looking at the camera!….ready now. No hang on! “Don’t look at the roof!” STOP!! Someone’s eyes were closed!

We all smiled…hopefully, looked at the green monkey and  shouted out  “Happy” at the top of our voices, there was a flash! and we were done!!!!!!

Well not quite, we needed a few more takes to get it right!  🙂

The last photo was the best because we could all make funny faces! How easy was that!

We then all lined up to have our individual photos taken. When it was Gracie’s turn the photographer was trying to get Gracie to smile. The photographer moved forward towards Gracie and said laughingly “I might just tickle you!”

Gracie just looked at her sternly and said very seriously “If you do that I will wee!”

The photographer was very quick to take a step back!

Mrs Thieme could not stop laughing!

We are sure that by the end we all looked fabulous!


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