The Snail Race!


We have been looking  and learning about snails all week !

Today we had a snail race. There were enough snails to have one each so we were all pretty excited. We could hardly wait!

We all chose a snail. We made sure to try and get the speediest, most fit looking snail!~!!!!!!. We checked to see which snails looked like they had been in training! Those that were already trying to escape from the box were the ones most of us had our eye on! We chose our snail.

We gave each snail a name that we hoped would suit them!

Here they are!

Noah: Speedy

Mason: Spider fast

Declan: Tom

Cameron: Lightening Mcqueen

Elaina: Spiky

Ela: Tanika Seventen

Tyanu: Super Fast

Emily: Rosie

Lilly: Jaksy


Grace M: Fred

Bailey: Bomb

Zoe: Belle

Tori: Becky

Callan: Milo

Tom: Jackson Storm

Grace H: Slinky

Ella-Rose: Fasty

Ahmed: Mizzy

Spencer: Storm

Sean: Declan Blecklan

Gracie: Sparkle Bomb water

Scarlet: Crawly

Sabrina: Lovely

Mrs Mitchell:Sleep

Mrs Thieme: Usain Bolt

We then chose a race number to stick on to the shell, apart from Gracie’s snail as Sparkle Bomb Water was too tiny for the race number!



We then established the rules!!

1. Anyone attempting to touch their snail to push him along would be instantly disqualified! This would be judged as a serious form of cheating.

2. No one was allowed to touch another competitors snail.

3. We had to be very careful where we placed our feet. We did not want any accidents resulting in injury or death to the race competitors.

A few of us came up with some extra rules.

1.No snails were allowed to sleep! Gracie  Mrs Thieme thought good luck with that one!

2.If you don’t win you can’t cry,You have to cheer for the snail that wins. Ela

2. And cheer for the one that doesn’t. Zoe

3. Don’t take  then off the track and put them on the leaves as that’s cheating. Elaina

4. No going the wrong way. Zoe

5. No out of bounds. Spencer

6.It doesn’t matter if you don’t win. Declan

Our track was a big paper circle with the tempting food beckoning on the outside!

They were off!!!!!!! at a reasonably fast pace( for a snail!) We cheered and encouraged our snail, we shouted and screamed!!!!!We urged them on!!!!

Some of us forgot which snail was ours and so decided ours must be the one about to take first place!! Some of the snails had no idea and started to climb over other competitors!!!  Some just waltzed around in a circle!! Some started fighting! Some did not even peek out of their shells.

Declan’s stopped mid race to do a big poo!!!!! ugh!

Total chaos!!!!!!

In the middle of the race disaster struck! A snail was missing! Grace M’s snail had disappeared! Grace was distraught! Fred’s racing number had some how slipped off his shell and he was therefore hard to locate. Mrs Mitchell came to the rescue, pointing out another snail without a number, confident that it was Fred. Grace M looked at her tearfully “No that’s not Fred, he has a white bit on his shell!”

Come on Mrs Mitchell..No two snails are even slightly alike! 😉

But we were patient and finally we had a winner! it was Ela’s, Tanika Seventeen closely followed by Grace H, Callan, Gracie and Grace M!

Now here’s a thought!  Ela had kindly provided most of the snail competitors! Was the race fixed? 🙂

The race was officially over!! There were a few protests from some whose snails had decided to hibernate!!!!!!! in the middle of the race track!!! Maybe they had over worked themselves in preparation for the big event!

Noah was not impressed with his snail’s performance and announced he was dead!!

Lilly and Gracie became very attached to their snails and were very reluctant to let them go!

A few of us wanted a rematch. Mrs Thieme did not think this was a good idea!

All competitors, winners and losers were released into the wild!

A lot of fun!



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