Monthly Archives: October 2017

On the Weekend!

On the weekend…………………….. I went to Coles and my Nana came too.Then I went to my Nana’s house for a sleepover. Zoe I dint stay at my house. I went camping. On Friday I set up my tent. Some of my friends came.I played with Paige’s ipad.On Sunday I went home. Grace M I went […]

Wombat Writing!

    We were shown a pot, a fluffy toy wombat, some leaves and  gumnuts and we were told to come up with a story using these items. We had to try and have a beginning, a middle and an ending and our story had to make sense! This is what we wrote! Once upon […]

I Look Good!

We wrote about when we look good!!!!!! I  look good when …………………… I wear my very long dress. It has lots of flowers on it.I wear it when it is a disco, I like to wear my Belle thongs. Elaina I dress up as Spider-man and I got it from the shops. I could shoot […]

Swimming Writing!

We wrote about our swimming lessons. I love going swimming. My teacher is good. I love splashing in the water. I love copying the teacher..I love my bathers because the colour is pink and green. I do not like to change all by myself because we see our bum. Emily I like big arms.I had […]

The Prime Minister’s job!

Once we established that it was the Prime Minister and not Santa who was running Australia, we were asked, “What is the Prime Minister’s job?” What does he do?   He needs to do a lot of work. Ela He takes care of everyone in case there is a  fire. Gracie He tells people to […]

Giraffes Can’t Dance!

Here is our beautiful art work from the book “Giraffes Can’t Dance.”

Under Crackers!

In our two weeks of swimming lessons we were so good at being organized and not forgetting anything.  Mrs Thieme told us not to worry because  if we forget out under-crackers  she had a spare pair! Trouble was her spare pair were pink and GINORMOUS…literally….we could fit three of us in them! We were not […]

On the Weekend!

Today we turned our writing lesson into a Year one lesson. Instead of freely moving around the room, changing activities, we sat at the tables altogether. We were not allowed to talk or get up from our seat. If we wanted help we had to raise our hand and wait for Mrs T or Mrs […]

Sabrina’s Birthday Interview!

Sabrina  turned 6 today  and  was interviewed by Seraphina (alias Mrs Thieme ) and answered the following questions! 1 Who are your most favourite people in the world? Elaina, Tori, Grace H and Grace M. 2 What is your favourite colour? Pink and blue.  3 What do you like to watch on TV? Frozen. 4 […]

Happy Birthday Sabrina!

Happy 6th Birthday Sabrina! Thank you for the yummy cupcakes! With lots of love from us all in Pre Primary!