A Place I Don’t like to Go!

We wrote about places we don’t like to go!

A place I don’t like to go is…………………

Big W because it is boring and I get tired. Lilly

Ocean Keys because it does have a lot of shopping and I hate shopping. Noah

Kmart. I don’t like it. Sean

My room because I have to tidy it. Gracie

Kings Park because a long time ago I got lost and mum was worried. I got lost in the water park. I was only three years old. Mum nearly phoned the police. Ela

The airport because it is boring. Bailey

The park because I don’t like to go on the swing and I do not like the monkey bars because they are too high. Emily

The shops because it is boring and they don’t have any toys. Sabrina

Coles because it is boring. I do not like Big W because there is boring Halloween stuff. Declan

My holiday house because it does not have any TV. Mason

The Spud Shed because it is boring. It’s food. There was a shaved pumpkin. Ben

The shops because my mum does not let me get teddies.  Scarlet

The Royal Show because of the fireworks.The big ones are the most annoying ones. The big ones are the loudest but I don’t mind the little ones. Zoe

Red Dot because it is boring. Callan

A very big park because when I was 5 I got lost. Then I found mum. Elaina

IGA because it is a bad shop. Ahmed

A very big shop called Coles because it is cold and it is boring because it is where grownups go. Tori

The dark place at the zoo. There is bats there and a possum. Cameron

Sydney because it has a tsunami. It has big waves. Ella-Rose

Woolworths because it only has food. It is boring. It is the worst. I don’t like shopping. Grace H

Coles because they just have free food. Spencer

Miss Mauds because I like Hogs Breath better. Tyanu

Coles because I hate shopping and they have none toys. Tom

Grace M could not come up with any place she did not like. Mrs Thieme tried suggesting the doctor or the dentist but Grace likes them all! So Mrs Thieme asked her to write about a place she liked to visit.

A place I like to go is the zoo and Mindarie and school  because I love my teacher, Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell. I like the zoo because I like dingoes and giraffes. I like Mindarie because it has ice-cream. Grace M



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