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If I were a Witch!

We wrote about what we would do if we were witches! If I were a witch……. I will turn a bad guy into a  frog. Tyanu I will be a good witch.I willturn a baddie into a Goonie. Tom I will help people. Sean I will turn a frog into a man. Ahmed I will […]

Goldilocks Pictures!

To go with our letters to The Three Bears, we made Goldilock faces! We drew and cut out a  face, and added the features along with varying amounts of golden hair!          

Teddy Bear Portraits!

We made portraits of our teddy bears! A lot of them looked exactly like our Teddy bears! Some, you just had to look at with a bit of an imagination! 🙂      

King and Queens Portraits!


Our Shoe Museum!

Welcome to our Shoe Museum featuring  exquisite shoes designed by our talented elves! We used old shoes. These were spray painted gold! On Friday we had great fun designing and decorating them! Mrs Thieme asked us “What is a museum?” It’s a place with lots of different things to see but you cant touch them. […]

More Gingerbread Characters!

We cut out more Gingerbread characters, decorated them and added them to a baking tray! Some are trying to escape!

We can Sew!

We really showed some skill these last few weeks. We have been sewing and decorating more Gingerbread men! It has taken us a long  time because it is very fiddly!!!!!!  Some of us got very frustrated but we kept having a go! How good are we! We also learned all about speech bubbles!!!! We decorated […]

The Three Little Pigs!

For this activity we painted our background, designed  and made our own houses and drew the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf!    

Cake Designs!

Our Cake Designs! Last week we designed amazing cakes! We had to come up with a creative name for our cake! We are an imaginative bunch! We then came up with a recipe for our cake!

Silly Sandwiches!

Look at our sandwiches. Our first job was to weave a table mat. Then we added all the things we liked in our sandwich.  We added all sorts of ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumber, gherkins, eggs, olives, cheese, ham carrots and lettuce! Topped it all off with a Sesame seed bun!