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Reindeer Art!

Our Cute Reindeer! Advertisements

Santa Claus Art!

We looked at the characteristics of Santa and  we drew our own Santa Claus! We painted him and added cotton wool to decorate. There were some funny beards !      

The Class Christmas Tree!

We made our class Christmas tree out of individual triangles. We each decorated our triangle in any way we liked and when they were put together they made a wonderful tree!!!!!!! We are so clever!

Guess Who?

Can you guess who is who?    

Ourselves at 100 years old!

We talked about being old! These are the pictures we crafted! We drew on wrinkles, added hair of varying colours or in some cases decided old people have no hair! Some of us had glasses and side burns! We know that our ears don’t stop growing as we age so some of us have really […]

Emu Drawings!

Last week we did wonderful drawings of an Emu and then we wrote some facts we had learned!                  


We made our cheeky Emu’s by painting egg cartons black, covering half a paper plate with tiny pieces of  torn brown paper, adding colourful straws and feathers to match and of course BIG eyes! They look so funny!

Shark Art!

We made our own sharks. We sponge painted the background blue. Then we cut out waves for the bottom of the picture. We used grey, black and white paper to cut out our own shark. They are all unique!      

Arty Koalas!

Look at our very individual koalas!    

Congratulations Declan!

Congratulations Declan on your beautiful piece of art that won runner up in the Art Competition!