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We drew and painted pictures of us as teachers! Advertisements


On Monday we started to learn all about chameleons. We watched amazing clips of them changing colour and catching flies with their very long tongues! We drew our own chameleon catching a fly! We then wrote some chameleon facts to go with our picture.

Dragonfly Art!

We have been learning about dragonflies. We examined a real one and we looked at lots of different pictures on the whiteboard. Here are ours!   ¬†  

Build a Bug!

We created  and built a bug unique to each and everyone of us! We came up with a creative name for our bug and then we wrote about it!

Bee Art!

We painted a flower garden and then added a bee that we made from scraps of paper ! We then wrote about what we would do if we were a bee.              


Look at our artistic snails. We drew our own spiral and used 2 colours of sparkling paper to decorate the spiral. We had to tear the paper into small pieces. This is a lot harder than it sounds. We then created a pattern in the spiral. After looking at pictures of a snail we drew […]


Finally got up our free drawn butterflies from 2 weeks ago! We did our best to make sure they were symmetrical!    

Playdough Bugs!

We used playdough and bits and pieces to design our own bug! Not all of us wanted to make a bug, but those that had a go, came up with some very creative ones!        

The Butterfly Life Cycle!

Here are our butterfly life cycles! (Our names are a bit tricky to see on some but they are there!)  

Spider Art!

We used oil pastels to draw a spider!