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Hatching Cocoons!

Our cocoons have started  hatching!. Small white moths have appeared! We are very excited! We love watching them and we like picking them up. We are very careful with them as Mrs Thieme tells us they are precious.(all 50 of them!):)  They don’t really fly and they only live for 3 days. In those 3 […]


We survived our first day of swimming lessons with amazingly very few problems! Deep down we know that most of our organizational success is due to our parents but we are taking full credit for it!  Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell were so impressed with us!!!!! We loved the bus ride! A lot of us […]

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe school holiday! See you next term!

The Police Visit!

We were so excited about the police visit! It was amazing! We thought the whole police force of Australia had turned up! We had police men and police women! We  even had police dogs! There were police motorbikes and a car and  a police van. The police showed us the handcuffs and the pepper spray […]

Happy Fathers Day!

We had so much to say about our Dads! My dad’s name is Jeremy. I call him my daddy. He likes to wear his work uniform when he goes to work. He likes to eat rice with vegetables and he likes to drink water. At home he cooks Weet-Bix for me. He helps me to […]

Our Fathers Day Posters!

These are our words for our poster! My daddy takes me to the movies to see Spider-Man! Lilly  My dad has a beard! Sean I love my daddy! Grace M My daddy always puts gel in his hair. Declan My daddy fights me with soft gloves. Mason My dad plays checkers with me and he […]

Fathers Day Concert!

We have been so excited about our father’s day concert!!!! We had a lot of fun practicing it. So did Mrs Thieme!! 🙂 After a few practices, she gave us some rules. 1 We were not allowed to ask for a drink half way through the performance. The whole show was about 15 minutes. She […]

Sports Carnival !

Tuesday 22nd August 2017 The sports carnival dawned! We were ready! We arrived full of excitement, bright T shirts,even brighter hair colours and heaps of energy! Mrs Thieme likes any excuse to dress up! The weather did not look great! There was a little bit of drizzle. Did we worry about that? No we did […]

Goodbye Mrs Press!

  Today we said Goodbye to Mrs Press who has been teaching us every Thursday! We are going to miss her such a lot and Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell will miss her too! Of course Mrs Press will miss us, as we are the best class of kids in Tapping! Mrs Press loved her gifts […]

The Snail Race!

  We have been looking  and learning about snails all week ! Today we had a snail race. There were enough snails to have one each so we were all pretty excited. We could hardly wait! We all chose a snail. We made sure to try and get the speediest, most fit looking snail!~!!!!!!. We […]