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I Know a Lot!

We wrote about something that we know a lot about! I know a lot about……………………… Sausage dogs. They are fluffy. Spencer Witches. They are poisonous.They can kill.They have warts. Tom My dad.He knows all about Doctor Who and he knows all about me because he loves me and I know a lot about my mum. […]

Too Much work!

  At the writing table Cameron was not happy! “Why do you look so grumpy?” asked Mrs Thieme “Well I’ve been so busy today and I’m just tired of all this work.I wish there was no teacher so then I wouldn’t have to do any of this work! Mrs Thieme replied  “but if you had […]

If I were a Witch!

We wrote about what we would do if we were witches! If I were a witch……. I will turn a bad guy into a  frog. Tyanu I will be a good witch.I willturn a baddie into a Goonie. Tom I will help people. Sean I will turn a frog into a man. Ahmed I will […]

Tom’s Writing!

Tom was writing about his weekend and how he grazed his knee . At one point he told Mrs Thieme that he had written enough.Mrs Thieme encouraged him to think of another sentence. Tom thought for a moment! Tom: Oh yes i know i can write “my graze is still there.” Mrs Thieme: “Good idea […]

Witches! Things we Know!

What do we know about witches? They have a broom. Gracie They have a wand. Declan They have a hat, a pointy one. Gracie Some have no teeth. Mason They are old. Elaina They have a wart on their nose and I have one on my foot. Grace M They don’t have many clothes. They […]

On the Weekend!

We wrote about our weekend! On the weekend …………………………………………………….. I went for  bike ride on Mullaloo path. I went home and Princie came over. Cameron I had a play date with Amet. Tyanu I went to my Nana’s house.Bailey I went to two parks.I had a movie night. Noah I played football. My team is […]

My Friend Writing!

  On Friday Mrs Thieme asked us to pick a partner, just one! For some of us, this was a very easy request! For a few of us this proved difficult as some of us just have too many friends! A few of us tried to get into threes till Declan announced that partners meant […]

Goldilocks Pictures!

To go with our letters to The Three Bears, we made Goldilock faces! We drew and cut out a  face, and added the features along with varying amounts of golden hair!          

Teddy Bear Portraits!

We made portraits of our teddy bears! A lot of them looked exactly like our Teddy bears! Some, you just had to look at with a bit of an imagination! 🙂      

We Wrote about the Teddy bear Sleepover!

We wrote about the Teddy bear’s sleepover! Funny how  a majority of the boys bears  were involved in the kidnap and  tie up of Mrs Thieme’s bear and very proud they were too! Apparently the girls bears all behaved really well despite evidence to the contrary!:) I found my bear on the table. He was […]