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On The Weekend!

We wrote about our weekend! On the weekend I ……………………. I went to the shop and I got a toy unicorn. I called it Strawberry. I got a rainbow pencil and I got a magazine.It came with some toys and a sparkly pencil and I had eggs and sausage  and potato. I loved it. The […]

The Doctor Discussion!

Prior to the doctor and nurse visit Mrs Thieme asked us about what we knew about doctors! A doctor burnt my wart. Ben They give you needles and they hurt. Tori I hurt myself on the trampoline. Mason I broke my leg. They out a cast on me. It helps to keep your bones to […]


Our silkworm eggs have started to hatch! They are so tiny but they seem to be eating a lot. We  watch We wanted to pick them up but Mrs Thieme said we will have to wait until they are bigger because they are very easy to squash right now! We know they only eat Mulberry […]

The Doctor and Nurse Visit!

    On Friday the doctor and nurse came to visit us and the children in LA3. They brought in x rays of  broken bones and  some of their equipment for us to look at.  Ela was so lucky as she volunteered and got chosen to have her arm put in a cast, a real […]

We Never Forget!

Mrs Thieme was telling us today about things that she forgets. We sympathised because although WE never forget anything, we know someone who does! My dad forgets to go to work. Mason One day my mum forgot my piano lesson with Ela’s dad. I forgot too. Grace M Daddy forgets to feed my snails. Ella-Rose […]

A Teacher’s Job!

  Is Mrs Thieme’s job hard or easy?  Here are some of our thoughts! It’s a hard job because…….. You have to tell everyone to do stuff. Declan You have to write a lot. Grace H You have a very hard job. Callan You have to look after everyone. Tori Yo have to call people […]

We are all Different!

  We are really starting to notice that we do not all look the same! 🙂 Mrs Thieme had a chat with us all today about how we all look different! She read us her favourite book, “You’re All Animals”! This is a story about an elephant who starts a new school and wants a […]

On the Weekend!

On the weekend………. I went to my birthday.It was so fun. I loved it.I had a snake on my neck and I had a lizard on my head and I saw a spider. I was so scared of the spider. Love Grace. The End. Gracie I went to Gracie’s party. I put a snake on […]


Look at our artistic snails. We drew our own spiral and used 2 colours of sparkling paper to decorate the spiral. We had to tear the paper into small pieces. This is a lot harder than it sounds. We then created a pattern in the spiral. After looking at pictures of a snail we drew […]


Finally got up our free drawn butterflies from 2 weeks ago! We did our best to make sure they were symmetrical!