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Our silkworm eggs have started to hatch! They are so tiny but they seem to be eating a lot. We  watch We wanted to pick them up but Mrs Thieme said we will have to wait until they are bigger because they are very easy to squash right now! We know they only eat Mulberry […]


Look at our artistic snails. We drew our own spiral and used 2 colours of sparkling paper to decorate the spiral. We had to tear the paper into small pieces. This is a lot harder than it sounds. We then created a pattern in the spiral. After looking at pictures of a snail we drew […]


Finally got up our free drawn butterflies from 2 weeks ago! We did our best to make sure they were symmetrical!    

The Snail Race!

  We have been looking  and learning about snails all week ! Today we had a snail race. There were enough snails to have one each so we were all pretty excited. We could hardly wait! We all chose a snail. We made sure to try and get the speediest, most fit looking snail!~!!!!!!. We […]

We have Silkworm Eggs!

We have a new addition to the classroom!!!!! Well nearly! At the  moment they are just eggs and they look like this. Mrs Thieme is sure that they are going to start hatching soon!  

The Butterfly Life Cycle!

Here are our butterfly life cycles! (Our names are a bit tricky to see on some but they are there!)  

Lots of Snails!

We are learning all about snails this week! Mrs Thieme was unable to find any over the weekend so she did not hold out much hope for her class! We are however an amazing group of children  and we did not disappoint! We turned up with lots of wonderful snails. Ela brought in 27, one […]

A Human Chrysalis!

We have been learning all about the Butterfly Life Cycle! Mrs Thieme asked us to imagine what it must feel like to be all tucked up in a chrysalis! It would feel…. Warm. Tori Squished. Mason Like having a rest. Lilly Sleepy. Spencer Boring. Ela Cozy and tight. Grace M Dark. Gracie Great thinking! Then […]

The Butterfly Life Cycle!

This week we are learning all about the Butterfly Life Cycle! Mrs Thieme asked us what we knew about life cycles. It goes round and round and it never stops. Grace M It goes over and over again. Zoe It is when animals get born. Ela The rest of us were not too sure. Mrs […]

Our New Classroom Pet!

 We have a new pet! We are very excited! We have been learning a lot about him. He is an Axolotl commonly known as a Mexican Walking Fish. Axolotls are actually amphibians like frogs and toads. Amphibians usually develop from an egg into a larval form and finally into an adult. But axolotls remain in […]