We made portraits of our teddy bears! A lot of them looked exactly like our Teddy bears! Some, you just had to look at with a bit of an imagination! 🙂      

We wrote about the Teddy bear’s sleepover! Funny how  a majority of the boys bears  were involved in the kidnap and  tie up of Mrs Thieme’s bear and very proud they were too! Apparently the girls bears all behaved really well despite evidence to the contrary!:) I found my bear on the table. He was […]

We have been learning all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. On Tuesday we all brought our Teddy Bear from home to school. We had great fun with them. Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell brought in their bears! Mrs Mitchell had a very teeny tiny bear that could fit in her pocket. It was so […]

We wrote letters to the Three Bears from Goldilocks to apologise for the terrible things she did in their home!  

To go with our King and Queen pictures we wrote about what we would do if we were the King or Queen! I will go to the shops and I will buy Marvels. Tyanu I would watch TV and make my servants work.Ben I will tell my soldiers to turn on the TV and I […]

What a surprise!  Our Teddy bears obviously did not get much sleep at all! As you can see Mrs Thieme’s old bear Fred  was not up to the job of being in charge of security! Just look at what they did to him! They made sure he was not going to spoil their fun. They […]

We all brought a teddy to school today and they are staying overnight tonight! It was an exciting day. We painted portraits of our teddies and had a Teddy Bear picnic. A few bears came very close to having a quiet reflection time in the store room but managed to avoid it! At the end […]

On Friday we read the funny book, “The Queens Knickers!” During the week we talked about the things we know about Queens and Kings!! They have lots of guards so they can protect the castle. Elaina They live in castles. Cameron They look after the kingdom. Ela The king and queen have to tidy the […]

On the Weekend…………………… My mum did my hair. Sabrina I went to motor-cross and I had dinner there and my Nan came too and I had a sausage. Tori I went to the beach and I found one pine cone and a sea urchin and I went with grandad. Grace M I went to the […]