Look at our artistic snails. We drew our own spiral and used 2 colours of sparkling paper to decorate the spiral. We had to tear the paper into small pieces. This is a lot harder than it sounds. We then created a pattern in the spiral. After looking at pictures of a snail we drew […]

Gracie turned 6 today and  was interviewed by Seraphina (alias Mrs Thieme ) and answered the following questions! 1 Who are your most favourite people in the world? My mummy, my daddy, Scarlet, Zoe, Sabrina and everyone!! 2 What is your favourite colour? Rainbow.  3 What do you like to watch on TV? Sofia The […]

Happy 6th Birthday Gracie! Thank you for the yummy cupcakes! We all loved them!  

Finally got up our free drawn butterflies from 2 weeks ago! We did our best to make sure they were symmetrical!    

We were taking about our dads and Mrs Thieme asked us “what do all dads do?” We came up with a variety of answers and then Tom said  “All dads sing songs to you!”. Mrs Thieme thought that was so lovely!  “Awww Tom, that is so sweet, so your dad sings songs to you?” Tom […]

We have been learning some amazing things about snails. We learned that they are unable to hear! We found this fact amazing! A bit later on Mrs Thieme told us that snails can be cooked and eaten! Yuck  we thought this was really disgusting. Mrs Thieme said that they are nice with garlic and cream […]

We used playdough and bits and pieces to design our own bug! Not all of us wanted to make a bug, but those that had a go, came up with some very creative ones!        

  We have been looking  and learning about snails all week ! Today we had a snail race. There were enough snails to have one each so we were all pretty excited. We could hardly wait! We all chose a snail. We made sure to try and get the speediest, most fit looking snail!~!!!!!!. We […]

We have a new addition to the classroom!!!!! Well nearly! At the  moment they are just eggs and they look like this. Mrs Thieme is sure that they are going to start hatching soon!  

We welcomed Callan back from his big holiday today! He was telling us all about his holiday. Mrs Thieme asked him “If you had to pick one thing Callan, what was the best thing you did on your holiday?” Callan thought for a little while, after all it is a very hard question to answer! […]