From now on Mrs T and Mrs M will always refer to antlers as anklers thanks to Ella-Rose! Ella-Rose always calls them anklers and we love that name! Advertisements

We read the book, ‘A message for Santa’ It is all about a little girl who is scared of Santa! None of us are scared of Santa but we sure are scared of other things! Here are some of the things we told Mrs Thieme! Cheetahs. Tyanu Treasure because someone might come and steal it. […]

We wrote letters to Santa. We had to tell him how good we had been and what we had done to be good. Then we told him what we would like. We know he may not be able to get the things we want. It is just a wish list. Dear Santa, Please could you […]

On Friday Elsa our Elf on the Shelf made us all a Christmas bauble with our name written in glitter!

We loved our Christmas Concert! Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchel thought we were all stars!   It all started with the rehearsals! They were fun most of the time! On the last rehearsal Mrs Thieme said she would watch us and not do any of the moves herself. But she just couldn’t help it. She […]

What makes my mum cross? My mum gets cross when ……. When my sister calls me something rude. Scarlet When I swing on my chair when it’s tea and lunch time. Elaina When Lincoln doesn’t get ready for school. Cameron When I don’t tidy my room. Zoe My brother bit me one time and my […]

Elsa is in disguise! She stole Santa’s suit and one of his reindeer!

Our Cute Reindeer!

We have been talking about Year One and Mrs Thieme  always tells us that there is  no need to worry. Someone asked “what does worry mean?” Mrs Thieme obviously doesn’t know as she asked us to answer the question! It’s when you worry about something. Tom It’s how you feel when you are left behind […]

We wrote about how great we were! None of us had a hard time with this topic! I like going to school. I am smart.I am good at swimming. I am good at decorating.I can do plaits with no lackies. If Scarlet is sad I will help her. Zoe I have beautiful hair. I love […]